Introducing the MCF

The 'Muslim Community Fund' is a pioneering charitable foundation focused on the lasting, holistic, development of the Muslim Community, primarily in 'the West'.

We at the Muslim Community Fund wholeheartedly believe in the potential of the Muslim community. We believe that we have the capacity to accomplish extraordinary things. The prevalence of misery and suffering in our world today only serves to strengthen our purpose and resolve. We have work to do. We hope to strengthen the capacity of our people and community, with our own resources, on our own terms, in our own way.

The Muslim Community has remarkable potential, stemming from within. We have a heartfelt desire, with God’s mercy, to realise that potential; to develop our organisations that work so hard to serve us, to expand and enhance the limited social services that serve our community, to ensure our youth have access to the platforms and services which will enable them to realise their God-given potential, to ensure our Mosques are centres of the community, that they provide broad, holistic services, including but also beyond theology and spirituality.

We can do much and more, together. Share your thoughts and ideas with us, and support us so together we can realise a better world, God willing.