JustGiving Promotes Zakat Fund UK - An Initiative of the Muslim Community Fund

Sunday, 09 December 2012

JustGiving, the largest charity community on the globe, have taken the courageous step of making communities aware of the Muslim obligation of Zakat on the front page of their website. Amongst the few charities that have been selected as recommendations to give Zakat to, the Muslim Community Fund's, 'Zakat Fund UK' is among the well-respected charities. Amongst the others mentioned are Islamic Relief and Muslim Aid.

While most of the other recommended charities, will be distributing most of the collected Zakat overseas, the Zakat Fund UK, provides a clear alternative, in distributing funds locally, to those in need. We encourage all supporters to donate to both, or all causes, from amongst the Zakat being distributed by Muslim families in the UK - as there are great needs locally, and globally.

You can view the dedicated Zakat page, by going onto the main JustGiving home page, and following through the link, with the Zakat banner. Or you can view here: http://blog.justgiving.com/community/making-zakat-donations-on-justgiving - Alternatively, you can directly view the MCF's Zakat page here: http://www.justgiving.com/zakatfunduk

Shukran for your continued support, through donations, volunteering and prayers.

Your team,
Muslim Community Fund