MCF Empowers Working Muslim in New Partnership

Sunday, 09 December 2012

Breaking out from the usual stereo-type label, many British Muslim Women today are high-achievers both academically and professionally in a diverse range of dignified fields from the arts, to education to the medical sciences.

However, in this 21st century Britain where equal opportunities are given high value, many Muslim women are still facing challenges in their work environments. ‘Working Muslim' is an organisation which seeks to provide the support, guidance and tools to help working Muslim women balance their lives between family and work, with faith as a foundation.

Muslim Community Fund has great respect for such initiatives and believes that they are much needed in the British Muslim Community. Over the past few weeks, and in the coming months, MCF will be providing a range of support to Working Muslim, empowering them to more effectively further their aims. This support, primarily revolves around finances, consultancy and marketing.

Working Muslim has quickly received praise from many in the Muslim Community. Speaking in relation to a new e-book launched by Working Muslim, Amirah Mauthoor, the author of "Recharge your Faith" states, "MashaAllah this book is great! Both practical and straight forward strategies you can apply to be a successful worker."

MCF is delighted to be involved in this unique effort, and looks forward to working with other organisations such as Working Muslim in the community, who are working on initiatives and projects, which are relevant to Muslims in Britain today.

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