Green Collection Boxes

Our Green Collection Boxes are a symbol of our Fund; a symbol of hope and possibility; a symbol of our dedication to the continued development of our people, our community and our world. So that future generations can live in a better world.

Collection Box for Groups, Commercial Outlets, Workplaces or Events

Collection boxes are a convenient way of contributing to our fund regularly. Consistency was encouraged by our Prophet SAW, even if the action itself be small. There is great wisdom in this. A collection box is a great way to embody this Prophetic advice, while contributing to our fund. So you can chip in loose change, or more, every so often, and watch as it collects.

Young People, Boxes for the Home and Schools

Cultivating a spirit and understanding of giving among young people is important. Beyond teaching and advice, comes a practical example and practise by the young person themselves. Our small boxes are a great way to cultivate a spirit of communal solidarity, responsibility and fulfilment of a duty.

A Meaningful Tradition

All proceeds from our green collection boxes will go toward the lasting betterment of our community, benefiting generations to come. Ordering is easy. Simply send an email to with 'Collection Box' included in the subject heading, let us know how you want to help and we'll support you to that end.