Leave a Legacy

Let your good works go on, beyond your own short life.

Our beloved Prophet (upon him be peace and blessings) said that when a person dies, all their good deeds come to an end, except three - one of which was charity which continues to benefit.

Give in memory

It’s never too late. In the Islamic tradition, we believe it is permissible, in fact encouraged, to give and do in the name of someone who has already passed, for their benefit. It is a powerful way to remember someone who has passed and honour their name.


Did you know? Our beloved Prophet (upon him be peace and blessings) encouraged Muslim’s, regardless of age, to have a written will. There is great wisdom in this Islamic tradition. When a person passes, it often takes a considerable effort organising the affairs of the deceased - An unnecessary and avoidable heartache, burden and possible disputes.

A 31 year-old shop-owner from Tower Hamlets recently mentioned the Muslim Community Fund in his will. “I heard a lecture recently, which discussed death and as Muslim’s how we can better prepare. One of the things that was mentioned which I had never considered before, was writing a will. It is true; we never know when we will pass away. But now, I am comforted, knowing that when I do pass (Allah make it easy) the Muslim Community will benefit long after I have gone, from my contribution, which I trust will be lasting with the Muslim Community Fund.”

Leave a Legacy

You can mention the Muslim Community Fund, so that a part of your possessions benefit our community for generations to come, beyond your own inevitable passing. We’ll ensure that any contributions received in this manner will go toward areas of work, which are lasting – so that good wills accumulate on your scales for longer. For support or further information, you can contact our team.